Sunday, October 4, 2015

Double Platinum


Double Platinum

  This has been one heck of a week for me. It started with a mosquito. A truly nasty pest that has invaded the peaceful sanctuary of my patio. It appears one of the nasty things left me with a nasty thing, West Nile Virus. Lucky me I only got the kind that affects 99% of the population. A man in my city was not so fortunate. He contracted the same thing, but his traveled to his spinal column. We are all praying for him to recover. 

 When the hateful creature bit me is undetermined as I have been fighting off the evil creatures all summer. When a mosquito takes up residence in your guest room toilet and your guest finds them, it's truly despicable. Thankfully the guest was my borrowed son and he thought it was funny until one of them bit him on the.....well I guess you can just imagine where he got bit. 

  Anyway, the evil virus that engulfed me was kinder to me. I had bone crushing fatigue that caused me to sleep twenty hours a day. Debilitating pain in every part of my body, and a migraine-like headache, for nine days. Thankfully it's over, on this, my last day before leaving on vacation for a month. So I have spent the entire day packing like a mad woman on a six-pack of energy drinks. 

  On Wednesday, last week, my Beau Jangles, decided to sit and spin on my rug. It was time for a trip to the vet to get his anal glands evacuated. As you can see he is a happy boy normally so he was totally up for the car ride and probably would have driven if I had been as sick as I was the next day. 

   The vet advised me that he thought he found a mass but would like to see him in a week to do a follow-up exam to determine if there was indeed a mass. I made the appointment and was on my way home when a headache from hell started. I'm always in pain due to fibromyalgia, and since migraines are a part of life for me I just went home and took an Imitrex. It didn't even come close to stopping that train wreck of a headache. Nine days later and I can still feel it in the background waiting to come back with a vengeance.

  I came back from the dead enough on Friday, that I could take my boy to his appointment with the vet. He did another exam, found a mass the size of a pencil eraser and we came to an understanding of what would need to be done to have it taken out. He is going to do a laser surgery to keep his sphincter muscle intact. This, hopefully, will keep him from being incontinent. We are all praying that it's benign.

  The thing is I take him and drop him off tomorrow morning. The day I leave for vacation. Thankfully my borrowed son will be here taking care of my home and babies. And I have a great pet sitter / vet tech who is going to pick him up from the hospital and check on him during his recovery to make sure everything is going as it should. I have some awesome people in my life and I hate to think about what my life would be like without them. 

   Since I was so out of touch all week, it affected people I care about a lot. But mostly it affected Diana. My best friend, Diana. She was anxious and had a feeling that something was wrong. Today out of desperation she contacted Lance to make sure I was still breathing. I messaged her back, answered another friend that I was okay and that I would call Diana. I accepted 19 friend requests. (none of them spammers) and messaged back to two other friends. That was on facebook. I'm afraid to look at the other sites.
  This would explain why I misplaced my phone after I used it to talk to Diana.

  Since I was still packing and doing some last minute things, it's understandable I misplaced my phone. My phone is my life. It is my computer, my social media connection, my business and my constant companion. My phone was missing. I do not have a land line with a phone hooked up to it. I have a fax machine, a television, and various other items that use it. Basically everything but a phone.

   I got Lance's phone and called my phone and walked around trying to find it. I searched the entire house and finally got to where I could hear it but still couldn't find it. I knew it was somewhere in the bathroom. Since it's enclosed in a Lifebox, I knew that even if it had fallen in the toilet it would still ring. Nope, not in the toilet. Not in the dirty clothes hamper either. It actually sounded like it was coming through the wall. Yes, it was in the linen closet on top of the sheets. I guess I put it there when I was changing the towels out.

    Some people have blonde moments, I have double platinum moments, but that's what makes life fun.  This is me and my Lance taking photos of the eclipse. As you can see, one of us was having fun.

Til next time,