Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Leonard Nimoy

The world lost not only an actor, artist and activist, it lost it's very first Vulcan on February 27, 2015. I lost one of my hero's.

The first episode of Star Trek was aired on September 8, 1966. I was 6. I can't really remember a time when Vulcan's weren't a part of my life. Oh don't get me wrong, there were other aliens that captured my imagination such as Tribbles, but Spock was always my favorite although Yoda is a close second. I even liked Jar Jar Binks. I know, I know he was an annoyance but his species was beautiful. So tall and regal with those absolutely wonderful ears. You just gotta love the ears on those guys.

Spock was my favorite for so many reasons but I guess the greatest thing about Spock was the whole eyebrow thing he did. I have never been able to raise one eyebrow while the other stayed down. It's just one of those things that I can't do. I also can't lick my elbow, although I'm not sure why I would but I saw it on TV a couple of days ago and mentioned it to my brother. He told me he could and I believe him. He is double jointed and can stand on his head and spin so if he says he can do it I'm inclined to believe he can. Since he was in the back seat of my car and I was driving at the time I really couldn't see if he could actually do it but will be sure and demand that he shows me he can the next time I see him.

I loved Spock and his lack of emotions and now after living a full and rich life I know that I would never wish to trade my human emotions for the emotionless life of a Vulcan but I have had times that I could have for a few minutes, hours, days or weeks. But in so doing I would have missed out on everything that makes us human. The laughter. The kind of laughter that makes your belly hurt from laughing so hard. The sorrow. The kind of sorrow that comes from losing your Dad when you wish you had him "For One More Day." Joy. When you find the one person in the world that lets you be who you are and loves you anyway. I'm without a doubt "The Lucky One."

So here's to you Mr. Spock, aka Leonard Nimoy. Thank you for giving all of us self proclaimed geeks a chance to know you as an actor, an artist and an activist. You lived long and prospered and I will always cherish the hours we spent together in darkened theaters or my own living room. Thank you for showing me how to love with all my heart, how to grieve with all my soul and how to forever and always be a friend.

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