Friday, December 11, 2015

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to Raleigh

            A Funny Thing Happened...........

     My sister was getting ready to move for the second time since she'd been married to her forever love. She'd already moved from her home in Galveston to her new home in Birmingham. Now she was moving from Birmingham to Raleigh. She had just moved from Galveston when the Hurricanes hit the Gulf Coast. And her home, sadly, was one of the homes that were damaged. We are thankful that she was safely away, and prayed for those that were still there.

     After her husband's residency had been finished, she moved to Raleigh for his fellowship. It was when she was in Birmingham that we went to see her. I don't remember anything about the trip over because my sister was in trouble. It was Christmas, and her unborn baby was trapped in a toxic environment. What we heard, come now they're in trouble. It also happened that it was my birthday.

       I got the greatest gift in the world for my birthday that year. The life of my sister and a beautiful baby girl that to this day is my special treasure.

The second time I went to Birmingham was a lot different. I took my Mother, and I paid attention to where we were going. I had to; I was driving. But the thing is, The only thing you see on the road to Birmingham from Texas is nothing. You see trees. The road signs say things like, Chattanooga next right. No Chattanooga, just more trees. Until you cross the Mississippi river. Then the scenery changes. Look it's a bridge.

    The next time my sister moved it was to Raleigh. I never got the pleasure of going to Raleigh to see her, but my Mother did. She told me this funny story.  Thanks, mom.

     Since Fellowship only lasted a year, they thought they'd just take the bare minimum and just make do. They rented a nice home and got moved in. They had great neighbors a wonderful park nearby and a place for Brandi to play. Brandi was a beautiful Golden Retriever. My sister was getting ready to move back to Texas at the end of the fellowship and was making lists of last minute things that she needed to get done.

  1. Take out garbage
  2. Settle up with Landlord, turn in keys.
  3. Poop in neighbors yard
  4. Don't forget sani wipes for the car
       And the list went on, but these are the finer points. Poop in neighbor's yard. My mom was helping her with this list, and she got to that item. She was going to ask about it when my sisters husband came in. He also looked at the list of things left to do.

      He looked at my mom, shrugged, and looked at my sister who was just coming down the hallway a bag of garbage in tow, and said, baby, why do we need to poop in the neighbor's yard? And who's going to do it. Of course, he was laughing all the time.

       She came out and said, "that was a note to remind me that Brandi had pooped in the neighbor's yard, and I needed to go clean it up." Nice man that he is, her faithful husband did it for her.

        A good laugh was had by all. I hope you have one too.

til next time.,


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