Saturday, July 4, 2015

When Life Gets In Your Way


Sometimes life gets in the way and keeps you busy with other things that you'd rather not do. Like spending time in the emergency room twice. Having to face the prospect of physical therapy for 16 weeks. And having one of your fur babies need the services of a veterinarian for 2 days in a row. That has been my downside of my life for the last few weeks. Hopefully a medication change has made my desire to rearrange my face one piece at a time, history.

The first ER visit was because of a series of events. If I had that day to do over, I certainly would. It all started fairly normal, until the mailman arrived. Let me assure you now. This was not my regular mailman.

I saw him struggling on my front porch to put an over sized package into my small mailbox. Do you see a problem here?  Sadly I didn't. I opened the door and stepped out offering my assistance to the person who was delivering my mail that day. I really don't think that he deserves even the title of mail man and you'll see why in a minute.

Anyway back to my tale, I offered to take the over sized package from him so he could get the rest of my mail in my box. I guess there is some unwritten rule he was following by not handing me my own mail. By this time I had laid the package on the handily located bench right beside the mailbox. So my hands were empty. My Boston Terrier, Laci, picked the moment that I was attempting to take the mail from him, to bolt out the front door. She pushed me off the porch onto a patio that my husband built out of pavers. I managed to give myself a concussion, ripped all the skin off the side of my face and wound up with a broken elbow and a broken wrist. The person delivering my mail, left me lying on the patio, didn't call an ambulance, didn't try to see if I was still alive, and was actively kicking at my sweet Laci, who loves everyone. My next door neighbor chose that moment to come home and actually helped me to get up. Called my husband Lance at work to come home, and was going to help me find Laci. At that time another neighbor brought my Laci back to me.

In case you were wondering. No I never said anything to the post office about the person who was delivering my mail that day. Several people have asked me why I didn't turn him in. I always said, what for, being a complete jerk. I don't think he broke a law by not helping me. But I was certainly glad to get my regular mailman back.

This was the beginning of a very long 3 month journey.

The second time I fell, this time with no help from Laci, was in the back yard. I blame Lance for this one but really he had nothing to do with it. He had mowed the yard earlier and was inside the house taking a break. I was going to the garage to get something for dinner out of the freezer. I had healed from the previous fall and was doing well until the moment I stepped off the walk, to go around the BBQ, and wound up stepping in a hole that was camouflaged as grass. Yep I fell again. This time I bit through my bottom lip, tried to break my nose and actually broke my upper denture. On a Saturday this time. My lip needed 4 stitches, my nose, thankfully, wasn't broken and I had another concussion. Lance found me this time. He was a lot calmer than I was. All I saw was a pool of blood with no idea where it was coming from.

The third time, I guess you could say, was the charm. I fell in my home right before I got into my bedroom. This time I thought I'd break some of my ribs and a hip. I didn't go to the emergency room for this one and my doctor is very upset with me because of it. She didn't even know about the second visit. So she ordered x-rays of both hip and ribs. It's official broken ribs.

This week, Laci decided she'd try to test my nerves by coming in the house with an eye that was almost bloody it was so red. I had been at physical therapy that morning and she was fine when I left. I have no idea what had happened so off to her vet we went. It turns out she had a scratch from something so he fixed her right up with all the necessary drops and gels to get her healed. The next day while I was in the shower she decided to break one of her toenails so that it was hanging by a thin piece of her flesh. Thankfully, her mom didn't pass out on her. I once again took her to the vet, we now have a standing appointment with them, and he clipped the offending toenail off. Put a large white bandage on it and sent her home.

Frankly I'm afraid to leave the spot I'm sitting at because it actually seems a little safer here. I still have joy in my life and I'll let you in on it with my next post.

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